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Getting Started, Helpful Tips, and FAQ

The majority of themes include a carousel. There are usually three sample images with the carousel. It is intended that you change these sample images to images that portray the message and personality of your organization.

About the Carousel in general

The Carousel is intended to be an advertising and / or alert part of your website. Use it to tell site visitors about upcoming events, special services, especially helpful areas of your website. 

Rules to make your Carousel most effective

Three slides is an optimum number of slides to include on your Carousel. Up to five is ok, but beyond that is too many. As a general rule, visitors to your website will not stay and watch more than three slides. If you wish to create a slide show use the Gallery.

Text should be put in the Caption and Description fields of the Carousel. Text that is part of the image is likely to get cut off (or super tiny) as the image is resized to accommodate different display screens.

The Carousel is designed to be removable. If you wish to cancel the Carousel entirely you can do that by deleting all the slides. DO NOT DELETE ALL the slides unless you want the entire Carousel to disappear.

If you delete all the slides by mistake, you may reactivate the carousel by using the 'Themes' link on the black Admin bar to the left of your website (when you are logged in). It's the paint brush icon. 

  1. Click the Preview & Customize button
  2. In the Collections section, click the 'Edit Home Carousel' link.
  3. Add a Carousel item
  4. Click the blue Publish button on the bottom right of the page.

This will reactivate your carousel so you can again edit it from the Home page.

Step by Step

Edit the Home page (most common) or whatever page to which you've chosen to apply the Home layout. Keep in mind that the Carousel is a single collection of slides. It will be the same collection of images on all the pages to which the Home layout is applied.

When you hover your mouse in the Carousel area, a small, black square with a pencil icon in it will display. Click the pencil to edit the Carousel.

Home Carousel popup:

Here you will find a list of all your slides.

Use the blue "Add Carousel Item" button on the top right to add a new slide.


On the right of the list are 'edit' buttons. Click the edit button on the same line as the slide you wish to modify.

Carousel Item popup:


You may replace the image by dragging and dropping an image file in the image field or click 'Replace' to look for the file on your computer.

In the middle of the image is a small white circle. This is called a focal point. You may click and drag the focal point with your mouse. The placement of the focal point will be used by the system as the center of the image. It will come as close as it can to putting that point in the middle of the Carousel slide display.

Under the image will be a reference to the minimum size image that will work in this space.

Slide Caption

Use the optional Slide Caption field to give your slide a descriptive name. This should be kept very short.

Slide Description

Use the Slide Description field (optional) to expand on the topic of your slide. Remember this is an introduction to the topic, not the entire dissertation. It should also be short.


Adding a link is also optional

If you are linking to a page on your website the link will be formatted /[page name] or maybe /[parent page name]/[page name]. You will find the exact path by going to the page to which you want to link and view it in the URL field of your browser. (You do NOT need the domain name part of the path when linking to a page within your website.)

If you wish to link to an off site resource, go to the site and page you wish to link to, copy the entire URL from the browser's URL field and paste it into the Carousel Link field on your website.

Open Link in New Window

If you wish the link to open a new window on the user's browser, choose yes. This is most handy when the link is opening a different website. If you clicked yes and discover no is the better answer, you can edit and change this setting. If you don't click either, the default is no.

Activation and Deactivation Dates are optional

These dates will not display. They allow you to add slides for date sensitive reasons. For example you want to put a Christmas greeting on your website. Add your Christmas slide. Add your Christmas greeting. Make the Activation date December 1 of the current year and the end date December 26 of the current year. When Dec 1 comes, the slide will automatically be included in the Carousel display. on Dec 26, it will disappear. This is especially handy for slides that you expect to reuse. 

Note: Different themes may have slightly different Carousel field lists. The above are the most common. 


Save whatever changes you have made using the blue 'Save' button at the bottom left of the popup screen you're working on.


 The gray 'Close' button just to the right of the 'Save' button. Close the Carousel Item popup window without saving. Your changes will be lost.


The red 'Delete' button will permanently delete the slide you're working with.

(On the Home Carousel list, to the right of each 'Edit' button, is a little down arrow. You may delete the slide using that down arrow vs editing the slide and using the red 'Delete button')

Publish the page!

Your Carousel work will not be viewable by the public until you publish the page.