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Overview of how to get support:

When getting help, customers should know the best way to get it, and how you can ask for paid support. (Yes, we are a real USA company, and we answer the phone right from our office in Berrien Springs, Michigan!)

If you use the ticket system or send us an email, we do not charge to point you to the best answer on this help website. So the first step is to search this website for your topic. If we do not have your topic documented, then we will create that documentation, and send you the new link on this website.

Since we are very careful about clarity of billing, you need to specifically ask for billable work to be done for you. We have paid support packages that give a hourly discount, and following each project, we will let you know how much time is remaining on your prepaid package.

Legacy support:

If you have a legacy website with us, you can find support at: All legacy sites need to upgrade to our new version by the August of 2018, so contact us today to get your new site going for the migration.