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Blue Control Bar at Top

When you are logged in, you will see a blue control bar across the top of the page. Let's look at the features here from left to right:

The hamburger is a toggle that will allow the black admin bar to expand. This will allow you to see the label not just the icon for the admin bar. When expanded, you will see your site name listed, and if you click on the name you will be taken to your home page.

The first word is your location on the site. It shows you if you are on a page, a blog or other admin area. When you are on a page of your website, you will see "Edit" and "Create". This allows you to "edit" the page you are on, or "create" a child page under the page you are on.

Ont he far right of the Control Bar, you will see a life preserver, and this is a link to the help menu. Where possible we give context sensitive help. And last is your profile link, and a place where you can logout.