In text areas of your website, you can use text MarkDown when there is the MarkDown icon at the top right of the text field.

This would display your content using the MarkDown instructions. You can display headings, emphasis, links, lists and more all from within a text area using the standard MarkDown text code. This page will give you some MarkDown tips.


Headings: Place a #tag before your headings for H1. ##For H2, etc. We suggest you start with ### or #### for in-body content headings.

Emphasis: *makes italics* and _makes italics_. **makes bold** and __makes bold__. ~~two tildes makes strike-through~~.

Links: To create a link within markdown you put the link in brackets like this example: [The Best CMS on the Market!] (

Lists: Unordered lists can start with *, +, or - followed by a space and then the list item. Ordered lists can start with a number: 1. followed by a space and then the list item.


For more examples, visit this link: