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Media Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any ads in our stream?
A: NO ads! The only thing that is viewed is what you send to the server via your encoder.

Q: Do you limit the number of viewers that can watch a stream?
A: We do NOT limit your viewing audience. Your stream has the full power to reach as large an audence as you have available. We only charge by the bandwidth used.

Q: Is there an easy way to have the video player show up on the website?
A: Yes, 

Q: Can we use a hardware encoder such as a tricaster or VT5?
A: Yes, many of our customers use hardware encoders. Please verify with the hardware that it can push to an RTMP stream. Some units call this option "flash stream" or "push flash". In the hardware encoder, enter your stream push url as sent to you in your welcome email when you signed up for live streaming. Also enter your stream user name in the account field.

Q: What happens if I signup for an Entry Level package, and the audience grows over time to be a Mid Level package?
A: We will bill your selected package plan and 

Q: Where do we upload our archived media files?
A: To the Media Manager

Q: How do we get our archived videos to play on our website?
A: Simply insert them as needed

Q: This sounds great! But can I talk to someone to be sure of what I should order?
A: Yes! Call us and we will answer your questions and assist you in getting setup. Our sales and support line is: 269-473-3687.


Connection / Quality Testing:

Q: We are getting the picture, but it seems halting, and like there is something not right. What can we check?
A: 1) The first thing to check is the quality of your Internet connection. Packet loss is parts of the "conversation" that just come up missing, like as if the postman threw away every tenth or so letter at random. Latency is how long a packet takes to be delivered (speed), and jitter is a term that defines how sloppy or variable the available bandwidth is. Pristine one minute and poor the next is not all that helpful. You can try free online Internet quality tests.
2) Next, I suggest you inspect the resources on the encoding computer. Bring up the CPU and RAM monitor while encoding, and verify that you have 50% or more idle. If you are pegged at 100%, then you need a new encoding computer to handle the complex process of video encoding. Adobe has minimum hardware requirements.