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Setup email forwarding or an email box


Q: How do I setup email forwarding or an email box through the SimpleUpdates email service?

A: SimpleUpdates offers with all accounts one free email forward. This would allow your email forms from the website to be delivered to any email address you prefer. Sites can also subscribe to our higher level package plans which come with email box provisions. Or a entry level site can subscribe to additional forwards or email boxes for a small annual fee for each box.

  • email forwards: $0.50 each/month (billed annually)
  • imap email boxes: $1.00 each/month (billed annually)

Getting Started

To get started, please contact us, asking for email forwards or email boxes, and mention if you have a package plan that would include this service, or if you will be paying for the email service up front for the year. 

DNS Changes

cname      mail      mail.<domain.com>.cust.b.hostedemail.com.
mx           @         mx.<domain.com>.cust.b.hostedemail.com.

User login to Webmail

visit: mail.<domain.com>
with your email user name and password.

Configure your email program (see Email Client Configuration in the resource links below)

email server: mail.<domain.com>
user: <user> as delivered from SimpleUpdates support
password: <password> as delivered from SimpleUpdates support