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RSS Setup

Creating an RSS Feed:

Create a blog. (new page, blog type)

When the blog is published, it will create a unique URL that is used to link to that blog:  [website url]/[blog name]
To create a link for an RSS Feed of that blog, add '?_format=feed' to the end of the blog URL: [website url]/[blog name]?_format=feed


Adding an RSS Digest:

Edit the page where you want the Digest list to display or create a new page.

Place your cursor at the beginning of the section where you want the RSS list. 

  1. Click the plus sign popup to insert a block.
  2. Choose 'List' 
  3. Choose 'RSS Digest'
  4. Enter the URL of the RSS Feed you wish to use
  5. Choose the number of entries to be displayed
  6. Save
  7. Publish the page



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