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Text on Images

Every SimpleUpdates website is mobile friendly. This means that the content of your website will adapt to the size of screen on which it is displayed.

Adaptability is handled a little differently from one theme to another. Some themes will display images quite large on a desktop, but very small on a smart phone. Other themes will display a full image on a large screen and crop the image for a small screen.

For this reason, any text used with an image should be added to the Caption (Title) and Description fields of the slide.

Adding a slide with text already part of the image may prove frustrating.


Changing Carousel speed / behavior

There are three additional Carousel settings that can be modified using the [Preview & Customize] button.

  1. The way the slides change from one to the other - by default this is set to 'Fade'
  2. The time it takes to actually change from one slide to another - the transition speed
  3. The time the slide remains visible before it switches to the next slide - the slide duration.

You may adjust these settings to customize the way your Carousel behaves. Use the 'Publish' button on the bottom right of the page to save your changes.