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The Pages icon (tab), on the black admin bar to the left of your website, allows you to add new pages, view existing pages and reorganize pages. 

Note: this is the only way an unpublished or page not included in navigation can be viewed.

How the Pages page is organized

At the very top of Pages is a line that starts with a Search option. As you add pages and your site grows, this Search can come in handy. Instead of searching through all your pages for the one you want to edit, Just type whatever you remember of the page title you are looking for in the Search field. All the pages with your search term will display.

To the right of the Search field is a list of Page Statuses and how many pages have that status. You may click on the status to see the pages that have that particular status applied.

And to the far right is a blue 'Add Page' button.

Directly under the top row you will see a list of all the pages on your site, including the page title, when it was published, and status. To the right of this information is an 'Edit' button and to the right of the 'Edit' button is a small down arrow.

  1. Click the page title to open the page for viewing.
  2. Click the 'Edit' button to open the page in edit mode.
  3. Click the down arrow to:
  • View - Opens the page. Same as clicking the page title
  • Trash - Takes the page off your site. Pages can be recovered from the trash, but once the trash is emptied, the trashed pages are gone permanently.
  • Unpublish - Makes a page unavailable to everyone except the site administrator.
  • Relocate - Moves a page to a different place in the outline of your site. This eliminates most of the need for deleting and re-adding a page.

The page list is organized similarly to an outline. Main navigation pages to the far left, child pages of a given main navigation page indented and listed directly underneath and the child pages of child pages indented further, etc. As you add / trash pages, this list will be updated automatically as will the status references on the top row of Pages.

If you have more than 20 pages, a third row will appear at the bottom of the Pages page. On the left will be the number of pages on your website. To the right will be numbers that link to additional pages of page titles, as well as 'Previous' and 'Next' links.

Remember you can also use the search at the top to find a specific page.