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Events (Calendar)

Events, aka a Calendar, is a very handy way of letting your site visitors know what's happening with your organization. There are several ways to display Events. Each event will include the obvious, title, date and time. They can also include optional details, images, links to a page with more information, contact information and a map for each event.

Events can be one-time occasions or repeating events. They can be categorized for filtered lists.

You can also setup a syncing option with iCal friendly calendars.


Creating your Calendar

When you click the Events collection icon on the black Admin bar to the left of your screen, you will see two options:

  1. Lists
  2. Settings


Even though it is listed second, the first thing you'll want to do is take a look at the Settings. This is where you can add sunset times, categories and sync an iCal calendar. These are all optional except you will need at least one category. Settings are mostly for initially setting up your calendar, but you may return to this section and edit it whenever needed.

See the Settings page for details


The List area is where you will do your Events entry. There is a List page with a long list of directions. As with all information on this site, we've tried to order it in the way you will see it and use in on your site.

See the List page for details


Creating the Public View of your Calendar

Your SimpleUpdates website initially comes with a public Calendar page already included. You need do nothing. It is ready to display events as soon as you add them to your Events List.

If for any reason you need to replace this default page you may do so by clicking the Pages icon, then clicking the blue [Add Page] button.

  • Choose the Calendar page type
  • Choose a layout ( Open is recommended )
  • Give it a title
  • Choose a default display option - month, week, day or list. Note: the viewer can change the display for their specific needs.
  • Choose a parent page Note: Calendar pages can BE a child, but they cannot HAVE children.
  • Optional - modify the URL - remember the URL must be unique.
  • And Create.
  • You will need to Publish to make this page available for public viewing.



How to setup a Calendar Page

Visual Video - no sound


How to add events to your Calendar