SimpleUpdates Support Site

Getting Started, Helpful Tips, and FAQ

Settings allow site configuration via a simple set of edit tools. You can also integrate with other internet services such as social media, email newsletter providers, statistics providers, and more.


Settings contains options for fine-tuning your site.





Name & Contact: Your site's name and slogan, as well as contact information.

Logo: Upload a photo to use as your site's logo.

Localization: Language and time zone.

Domains and Email: Change your domain and/or email.



Events: Manage calendar and events.

Media: Manage your video, audio, and photos.

Store: Manage your store.



Audit Log: View site activity.

Integrations: Analytics (i.e. Google Analytics), comments (i.e. Disqus), and payment processors (i.e. Stripe).

Messages: Want to display a legal notice or privacy policy? You can do both here.

Navigation: Organize and change the order of the main navigational links.

Collection Builder: Create collections.

Social Links: Link to social media.

URL Shortcuts: Add links to other sites.