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Routing for Domain Names and Email are part of what we call DNS. While you cannot directly access the DNS for your SimpleUpdates website, you can use the Domains and Email interface to affect your DNS.

Keep in mind that a change in Routing (DNS) - no matter how it is done - takes some time to communicate the change with the World Wide Web. The standard planning time for Routing changes is 24 - 48 hours. It usually happens faster, but it can take much longer.


Start with a Domain Name

A Domain Name is basically a website address. It is what allows anyone in the whole world to find YOUR website. It is so important, that a website will not function without a domain name that is registered and in good standing.


Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a Domain Name for your website should be done thoughtfully. It's probably a good idea to ask for feedback from others. Your Domain Name should:

  • Be as short as possible without losing meaning or identity.
  • Be memorable
  • Avoid numbers and special characters (including hyphens and underscores) as they can be harder to type

Keep in mind that domain names are not case sensitive. is the same as

However, extensions matter. is NOT the same as

It is recommended that when choosing a domain name you find one that has both the .com and the .org (and possibly the .net as well) available. The reason is discussed in the Multiple Domain Names section


Registering a Domain Name

A Domain Name must be registered so that nobody else in the universe can occupy the same website address that identifies where your website lives.

There is an annual registration fee . . . you might think of it as a lease agreement for your domain name. This fee is payable to the registrar and it pays for your registrar to maintain a record of your domain name so that no one else can use it.

You may register (lease) a domain name for a period from one - ten years. The Domain name is yours to use as you wish for the duration of the registration. There is no refund for early cancellation. There is no early cancellation. Once registered, it is yours until the registration expires. You may give permission for someone else to use the domain name. You may sell the rights to the domain name. But you can't cancel it.

Note: You will receive notifications starting at 90 days before your domain name expires. These are computer generated emails and are sent to the email address the registrar has on file.

If your email address changes, it is important to change your email address on the registration as well. If the notification is sent to the wrong email address you may lose your domain name.

The notification emails are generated automatically and your email processor may deliver it to your spam folder. It is a good idea to check your spam folder no less than once every 30 days - weekly is better - to make sure no legitimate email has been delivered to the spam folder by mistake.

You may register your domain name with any registrar. SimpleUpdates provides Domain Name Registration services, but we do not require registration through our service. To use your domain name registered elsewhere, with a SimpleUpdates website, you will need to change the name servers on the registration to:

  • NS2.SIMPLEUPDATES.COM (required)
  • NS3.SIMPLEUPDATES.COM (recommended)
  • NS4.SIMPLEUPDATES.COM (recommended)


Adding a Domain Name to your website

When you initially signup for a SimpleUpdates website, we will create a temporary domain name for you. This allows you to get your site ready for company even if you have not yet chosen and registered your domain name.

You will want to add your own domain name to your website ASAP as the temporary domain name is neither pretty nor short. It does the job, but it is not a good domain name.


Verify Name Servers are correct

The first step is to make sure your name servers are correct (see list above). If you have registered your domain name through SimpleUpdates, we do this for you.

To check the Name Servers for your domain name (as well as when it expires) you may use any number of public Whois services. is one that's easy to use. Once you've told GoDaddy which domain name you're asking about, and let them know you are a real person, they will show you the Registry information for the domain name you are asking about. Scroll down to see what they say the Name Servers are. Go to your registry to change them if needed.

Note: there is a lag time between changing the Name Servers on your registration and when that change will display on the public Whois record. Suggest giving the public record 24 hours to adjust to any changes you make to the registry.

Note: there are circumstances in which you will want to keep your Name Servers and change the A record instead. The most common is that your email is routed to a custom service. Call 269.473.3687 if you have questions.


Add Domain name to Website

  • From the Black Admin Bar on the left, choose Settings
  • Click the Domains and Email Icon
  • Click the blue [Add Domain] button - top, right
  • Type your domain name. Just the domain name. Like the example shows.
  • Click the blue [Add] button

Now the SimpleUpdates system will do some work on the back end, validating the routing of your domain name and attaching security certificates (SSL). This frequently takes 24 hours - more or less.

Once the validation is complete, you may make a domain name the Primary Domain Name by clicking the [Manage] button to the right of the domain name and clicking 'Make primary'.

The Primary Domain name is the main domain name to be used on your website. It is the domain name that is used to login to your site. The domain name you wish to advertise is the domain name that should be made primary.


Multiple Domain Names

Previously, in the Choosing a Domain name section, it was suggested that you look for a domain name that fits your website and has both the .com and the .org and possibly the .net of your name available.

The basic reasons are twofold

  1. The domain name you have chosen is - hopefully - easy to remember. However, whether it is a .com or a .org may not be remembered. Having both means that no matter which one your visitor types, they will find your website. For example. You may have chosen to use a .org as your primary domain name. If you have also added the .com to your Domains list, both names will open your site.
  2. The second reason is directly related to the fact that is NOT the same domain name as If SimpleUpdates chooses to use and a competitor registers, a website visitor might easily end up on the wrong site by mistake. By registering both and, we prevent any mixup.


Using Multiple Domain Names

You may register as many domain names as are available and your budget will allow. You may use each domain name in several ways.

  • You may setup Domains to use all your domain names to open the same website
  • You may have multiple websites. Remember each website must have at least one unique domain name associated with it.
  • You may have one website and use different domain names (Not the Primary domain name) to open specific parts of your website (not the Home page). You may hear this option called a Redirect, or a deep link.
  • You may choose to just hold domain names and not use them at all.


Redirect (deep link) a non-primary domain name

Redirecting a non-primary domain name to a page other than the Home page is a multiple step process that may feel like you are duplicating effort. As you click the various buttons and make choices, there are things happening on the backend that you cannot see. Following the steps exactly as they are listed is important to making the redirection results what you want them to be.

  • Before creating a redirecting domain name, be sure that you have chosen your Primary Domain name.
  • Follow the directions above to add a domain name to your Domains list - INCLUDING allowing time for the Domain Name to Validate. Or use a non-primary domain name that has already been added and validated
  • Click the [Manage] button to the right of the domain name to be redirected
  • Click the 'Change Destination' option
  • In the popup box you will see two fields. One for Type - which by default says 'Page' and a field for Page which says 'Select a Page' Change the Type field to 'Domain' by clicking page and selecting the Domain option.
  • The second field changes to a Domain field that asks you to choose a domain. Click inside the Domain field and choose the Primary Domain. Note: it may be the only choice available
  • Save
  • Now repeat the process starting with clicking the [Manage] button to the right of the domain name you are redirecting. This time make sure the Type field is 'Page' 
  • Click the 'Select a Page' placeholder text to view a sitemap type list and choose the page that you want this domain name to open
  • Save

Give the system a little time to execute your directions. Routing / reRouting usually takes longer than anticipated.

Once the backend has made the changes it needs to make you will be able to access the chosen page with the domain name to which you attached it.


Email Service Provider Selection

Once you park a new domain name to your website, you will have the option of setting your email provider to work with that domain name.

If you are using an email service with the service extension, like:

  • @me
  • etc.

You do not need to use the Email Service Provider Selection.


@[your domain name] Email Setup

If you wish to use email that uses your domain name - for example: [name] - You will need to setup that email with a service that lets you do that.

SimpleUpdates offers this kind of email. The cost is $12 per email box, per year. There is no refund for early cancellation. Call for more information: 269.473.3687

Two other systems commonly used for Email based on your domain name are

  1. G Suite by Google
  2. GoDaddy Email

Once you have setup your @[domain name] email you can connect it to your website by 

  • Clicking the Settings icon at the bottom of the Black Admin Bar on the left of your website.
  • Click Domains and Email
  • Click the [Manage] button to the right of the domain name for which you wish to setup Email
  • Click 'Change Email Service'
  • There are four icons for various Email service types. One of them will have a green [Current] label. If it is correct just close the screen. You're done. If not, select the option that matches your Email Service.

What happens next depends on the service you have chosen.

SimpleUpdates - You will see a message suggesting you contact SimpleUpdates to have your email service set up. If you have already done this, simply click the blue [Set Email Service] button.

G Suite - To use G Suite, Google requires that you verify your right to use the domain name(s) you with to use. When you Click the G Suite option you will see a field where you can paste the TXT record that Google will use for verification. After pasting the TXT record, click the blue [Set Email Service] button. It may take several minutes for this to process. On the G Suite setup, click the red [verity] button. If you get a failed message, give it a few more minutes and try again.

Note: Google has several methods for verification. The TXT record method is the only one that will work on your website. If for whatever reason you need to use a different verification method, please call for assistance. 269.473.3687 

GoDaddy - You'll see a message letting you know that you need to have setup your GoDaddy Email account before using this interface. If you have already done so, click the blue [Set Email Service] button.

Custom - There is a field provided for you to enter the Hostname and priority for Custom MX records. There is also a [+] button so you can add additional Hostname and priority information. Once you have all your MX records entered, click the blue [Set Email Service] button.


Remember that DNS changes can take 24 - 48 hours to fully take affect.