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Clicking 'List' from the Events dropdown will open an admin page with lots of information.

Left sidebar

At the top of the left sidebar is a block of buttons each one with the abbreviation of a Month. The current month is highlighted.

Click on any month to move to a calendar view of that month. These months are linked to the year you are currently viewing. You will notice that as you click through them the month name and year are displayed above the buttons.



Next is a list of the Categories you have set up. The number to the right of each category lets you know how many events have been assigned to that category. You may not delete a category until there are no events associated with it.

The color assigned to that category is used as the background color for the number of events in the category.

The checkmark to the left of the Category name will display that category in the calendar view on the right side of the screen. Unchecked will not display the event.



Under Events is a search field. You may search for events by title in the display you can see on the right side of the page. If you only have a few events, this is not likely to be needed. If you have many events, this will help you isolate the event you are looking for.

Below the Search field is a list of events, with their dates, times and names. This list will be for the events viewable in the calendar to the right. They will list by category. The color bar on the left of each event will help to identify which category they are in.

You may click on the event from this list to edit it.


Right (Main part) side of the page

The major part of the page is a calendar with your events for the month displayed on it. You may click on any specific event listing to edit it.

Note: Sunset times are either on or off. They cannot be edited. If you wish to turn them off, go to Event Settings, Click General and turn them off. If you don't see sunset times and you want them displayed, Go to Event Settings, Click General and turn them on.

At the top part of the page, above the calendar are several options to help you move through the calendar to find specific events.

On the left are two arrows pointing left and right. Use them to move to the previous or next month, week or day, depending on the view you are using.

The [Today] button will always bring you back to the present.

The description of what you are viewing will display and change as you move through the calendar. If you are viewing in Month mode, it will show the Month and the Year. In week mode it will show the beginning and ending dates of the week you are viewing and in day mode you will see the date of the day your are viewing.

To the right of the Date are three buttons that let you choose the view you wish to use - [month], [week], or [day]. You may change these as you wish.

And finally, on the far right is the blue [Add Event] button. Click this to add new events.


Adding an Event

Adding or Editing an event includes many options. A new page has been dedicated to explaining the process.

Use the link to the left or click here to learn about Adding an Event.