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Prayer Requests Collection

You can easily create a Prayer Requests custom collection, in three easy (sort of easy) steps:

1) Create a custom collection form

2) Add some sample data into your collection

3) Create a custom collection page, and paste in the page code


Create a custom collection form

Go to Settings -> Custom Collection, and add a custom collection.

Note: it is important that you use these exact field types and names so that the import and the code below will function properly.

1) Form Title: Prayer Requests

2) Add field. Type: Name. Name the field: Name (which is the default)

3) Add field. Type: Date. Name the field: Date (which is the default)

4) Add field. Type: Dropdown. Name the field: Category
and put in these dropdown options: Comfort

5) Add field. Type: Short Answer. Name the field: Title

6) Add field. Type: Paragraph. Name the field: Request

Before you save the form, you'll need to enter some data into the "Settings" tab:

1) HTML identifier: requests

2) Icon: your choice. Suggested: fa-pray

3) Singular Name: Request

4) Title Field: (skip this field)

5) Featured image field: (skip this field)

6) API Access: (skip this field)

Now, you can save the custom collection. Notice you will also see this custom collection in your Admin sidebar. Find the new option and select it to go to the collection.


Create a custom collection page, and paste in the page code

Now you can decide where you want the Directory page to be. You can navigate to the parent page, and then click "Create" to make a new child page at that location.

1) Add a new page.

2) Choose the "Custom Collection" page type.

3) Select the template you want to use for the display page.

4) Select the "Prayer Requests" custom collection.

5) Click the Edit field in the center of the page, and paste in this code into this field area. Click save, and then publish the page: