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What's New

Thank you for your feedback! We are listening and working hard to make a great product even better! We automatically update the backend software for you, giving new features and removing software bugs. On your dashboard, at the bottom of the admin menu column, you will see the date of the last code push to your website. This date would match the dates listed below:

Important Updates of Nov 9, 2022

  • Several bugs were patched up with this code push: Media widget was fixed the could have been showing an error.
  • Some code migrations were improved that caused some new sites to not work properly.
  • Improved an ACC help link.

Important Updates of Oct 10, 2022

  • We have been working on cleaning up tags and tag groups for media entries. This update prepares the way for a better tag tool in the near future.
  • Also included are some cleanup items.

Important Updates of Sept 7, 2022

  • We have added an advanced option for essay fields in which you can turn off the spam flag for messages that contain URL's. This is useful for form essay fields in which you do expect most respondents to provide a url as part of the message body. Unchecking the box will not flag the message as spam if a URL is included in the message.

Important Updates of August 17, 2022

  • We have tweaked the form spam filter to allow more messages through that should not have been caught in spam. This makes our filter smarter, not weaker.
  • When you use the block list widget, we are now showing the newest spots (most current) in the list.

Important Updates of June 17, 2022

  • New site launches for the ACC network now include Union news feeds.
  • Custom collection imports now accept files as well as data.
  • We now accept a new excel file type for files uploads.

Important Updates of May 18, 2022

  • We fixed an link target issue for image blocks.
  • Corrected a bug in media item format date field.
  • Fixed an issue that when adding a carousel slide was causing an error.
  • Changed the image caption field type to more easily allow more text in the field.
  • Fixed a z-index issue on Carousel data entry.

Important Updates of Apr 24, 2022

  • We solved an issue that prevented publishing an article on a narrow viewport, like on an iPhone.
  • Media lists now use the consistent format views like page lists and blog lists.
  • Several bug fixes.

Important Updates of Apr 5, 2022

  • We have updated all sites to the latest version of REACT (18). Please let us know if you find any action not acting as you expect. This will be our final REACT update for some time.
  • RSS Layouts are now available. We have unified the page list, blog list, rss list and for the PUC, the PUC News list into the same format options.

Important Updates of Mar 29, 2022

  • We have improved the List block, where you can select several layouts for the list. Some work better for sidebar, some better for the main content area, and it is easy to change and test the results in the list dialog.
  • Several bug fixes are included: Password recovery, collection editing and more.

Important Updates of Mar 22, 2022

  • We have completed the backend code re-write into REACT, a modern programming language. This push completes this upgrade. You will notice a speed improvement, but much of this work is invisible.
  • Many outdated and now un-needed dependencies were removed because of the new code now in place.
  • With this latest code we clean up some bugs of the re-write code.
  • We improve language translation to the themes.
  • We improved blog list to pull a description from the article body if no description text was specifically entered.
  • We are launching a regional feature for websites of the Pacific Southwest to make it easier for webmasters to include news and articles from a ACC parent organization website.

Important Updates of Mar 3, 2022

  • We have implemented a much requested feature: text centering alignment.
  • There were quite a few bug fixes in this code update, including things for gallery and custom collections. And we have another set of bug fixes ready for testing that we will push out soon. Good things are coming!

Important Updates of Feb 22, 2022

  • We celebrated 22-2-22 Twosday with a code push of 32 different bug fixes and enhancements. Some of these are fixing bugs from the React re-write of the admin interface, and some are feature improvements.
  • We have improved Podcast and media integration, so that you can now add an audio file to a media item and assign that audio file to a specific podcast.
  • We now show a confirm modal if you try to navigate away from a settings or editor page were you have changed things or made edits.
  • Improved the add media dialog box, and podcasting options are now under the "advanced" tab.
  • Improved blog so that if you edit an old post, it does not change the publish date. The publish date stays the same, but you can edit it and update it if desired.
  • The image uploader now shows a spinner while the image is uploading.
  • We returned the color picker hex field so you can put in a precise hex number.

Important Updates of Feb 14, 2022

  • We pushed 19 different bug fixes to the react code, catching edge cases and code improvements.
  • We have improved the spam catcher to help reduce spam entries to contact forms that seemed to get through recaptcha.
  • We have launched an update to theme customizer. To edit collections, you can edit these on the page where the collection resides (usually the home page).

Important Updates of Jan 18, 2022

  • We have launched the REACT backend. This is a big step forward, and while you may not see a lot of "changes" you can know that all of the backend has been recoded in a new responsive coding language.
  • The media manager has been redesigned, and made much simpler!

Important Updates of Dec 7, 2021

  • We did a small update for the ALPS theme fixing some styles.
  • Improved server image caching, to help speed up images like in galleries, etc.
  • And LOTS of updates for our REACT beta sites code. We have a date when all sites will be able to have the latest code we have been working on: January 4, 2022.

Important Updates of Nov 30, 2021

  • We fixed an admin list sorting bug, so you can sort columns again.
  • We have deprecated webalizer, and offer simple stats on your website dashboard, and make it easy to integrate with Google Analytics or other analytics services.
  • The store can be filtered via url to show a specific category.

Important Updates of Nov 22, 2021

  • We improved the gallery to lazy load images.
  • We made the store category optional for items.
  • Added user importing for our subscriber module.
  • We completed removing pjax as a back end technology in preparation for the REACT admin pages.
  • We ran a file clean up on all sites to assure that the file size reported on your dashboard is accurate to the space you intend to use. (Orphaned files have been removed.)
  • We have made our trial sites more powerful. Trial sites can now activate a store and custom collections.

Important Updates of Nov 11, 2021

  • We have completed the removal of Bootstrap 3.x from our front end code. Soon we will be removing all of bootstrap from the backend when we push out our React backend code. Good things have launched and more are coming!
  • We trimmed down the content sent with our RSS feeds to make the delivery more efficient. We no longer send the full content of the article and some of the other fields not commonly used in an RSS list.
  • We improved the device chart on the dashboard.
  • Improved the file storage data by removing more orphaned files from storage. Please check the dashboard listing for your used disk space.
  • We allowed access to the collection API outside of the domain.

Important Updates of Oct 31, 2021

  • We again pushed a lot of code that you will not really see the results from, in removing the old version of bootstrap from the backend interfaces. We are getting closer! This update will allow future theme development to not be dependent on a specific version of bootstrap, and the theme designer could use any framework they would like.
  • We have upgraded jQuery to the latest version: 3.6.0
  • We Fixed some minor bugs around galleries and featured images.

Important Updates of Oct 21, 2021

  • We have done a lot of work removing an old version of bootstrap from the backend interfaces. This will allow easier theme development, and we can update to current versions as needed.
  • We improved the media admin list view, by placing the items newest at the top.
  • All media items now autofill the current date on adding new items.
  • Improved the subscription module to allow mass import of users.
  • A new store has been launched for customers who have not yet started with store. This new store is an integration with snip cart, and will be the only cart we now offer for new installs.
  • We improved form analytics.
  • And we tweaked the dashboard stats to show only the complete days on the activity graphs.

Important Updates of Oct 13, 2021

  • We deployed a clearer file storage graph on the dashboard, and clarified if using more than 10GB of disk space, what the cost overages will be. You can see the costs summary on our pricing page.
  • Restored the facebook oEmbed functionality.
  • Improved the thank you message on form submission.
  • Improved editing of an existing YouTube list.
  • Tweaked the editor view as seen on the Edge browser.
  • Improved the add media modal from a block.
  • Improved the Yes/No form item display.
  • Improved the Carmel theme header image display.
  • Made the option to have a contributor page editor work. There were some issues before that make it difficult to give them this kind of limited access, and now it works,
  • Improved the System > Integrations help links to point to a help site rather than directly to the integrated service. This allows for some more background and detail to be shared about the service.

Important Updates of Sept 7, 2021

  • We have added the disk space usage metric on your dashboard page. 10 GB are included with each site.
  • We have done a lot of work on the backend improving file storage in the cloud. Fortunately, this work is transparent, but we did clean up a few bugs related to that new code.
  • We fixed a bug in the Grow theme.

Important Updates of July 22, 2021

  • We have added some functions around custom editable titles, which were needed by our new theme that has been added to our theme library, called "Grow". This is a new modern looking theme that is a fresh addition to our list of theme options.
  • We have added layout options for RSS feed display.
  • Improved theme preview on mobile devices.
  • We tweaked our form spam filter to catch even more spam entries.
  • We tweaked the media page listing order to be by date.
  • We launched a second theme called "Dawn" which also is a new theme with some new layout patterns, including a text area at the top of the site for latest news headlines.

Important Updates of June 10, 2021

  • Improved an item in the media collection related to dates.
  • Turned off the store module for a private label customer.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Important Updates of May 20, 2021

  • Improved French Translation.
  • Improved links to Anchors
  • Added markdown for calendar descriptions.
  • Some additional bugs were resolved.

Important Updates of Mar 31, 2021

  • When you add a calendar event, we improved the page refresh so you can immediately see the event you just added.
  • We have added the ability to use an external URL for event information
  • Improved search for subscription pages
  • Several subscription module improvements were completed: login link and text improvements
  • Updated backend email generation to use the latest SES methods
  • Improved store checkout which was hanging for some special situations
  • Fixed a bug with focal point on specific themes
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a page reload is needed on page save.

Important Updates of Mar 15, 2021

  • We now support silent videos in carousel slides.
  • We have built an interface from our store to QuickBooks Merchant accounting.
  • Improved content display when editing.
  • Improved the store checkout address area.
  • We have integrated with Chatroll for our subscription module.
  • Tweak to the Shasta theme.

Important Updates of Feb 22, 2021

  • Forms can now be assigned to Correspondents.
  • Custom message is now available for subscriber email notification
  • Forms for customers in Canada now show Providence and Postal Code instead of State and Zip.
  • Improved some French translation text. If you have your website in another language, and have a suggestion for the backend translation, please let us know. We are glad to improve this for everyone speaking your language!
  • We fixed an issue allowing MP3 files to upload in a specific place where it was not allowed before.
  • We improved the site TopHat notice area: allowing HTML / markdown code in this area.
  • We updated the FaceBook social icon.
  • We internationalized store to use other currencies than dollars.

Important Updates of Jan 20, 2021

  • We have made a way for sites to have subscription users. This is the first push of this code, and it will be available on a request basis, since there are various parts that need to be configured to make the entire system function. Email or Call us for more information.
  • We corrected some code for French language websites where the calendar was showing Saturday as the 6th day of the week. This has been corrected to position Saturday on the 7th day or end of the calendar week.
  • With Markup, you can now have the option to add links within the top hat notice bar.
  • You can now upload a PPTX file to the media manager as a supporting document.
  • We have added an option to carousels with text on the images to give a slight animation to the text on display. This will roll out to all such themes soon, and the option can be controlled by editing the slide in the carousel manager.

Important Updates of Dec 22, 2020

  • Merry Christmas to you!
  • Updated kickstarter collections to sort with Drag and Drop of items.
  • Improved forwarders under protected pages. Now these forwarders do not require a password on their own, even if they are under a password protected page.
  • We are now tracking file upload usage and file bandwidth usage on all sites.

Important Updates of Dec 14, 2020

  • Carousels can now be ordered by drag and drop from the item list view.
  • Custom Collection items can be sorted with Drag and Drop.
  • We have added a protection preventing new domain names that are not completely migrated from being set as the primary domain name.
  • We have updated the icons for some of the quick start collections.
  • Improved the grid view of gallery captions.
  • Added a video form field type

Important Updates of Nov 11, 2020

  • Improved Custom Collection kickstarter select box display.
  • Improved a situation where the Admin Sidebar was not scrolling well, (with the addition of a lot of custom collections.)
  • We added FaceBook Video to the media manager.
  • We improved site load time for sites that included an RSS reader, to asynchronously read the RSS content and not hold up the site display till that is finished.
  • Improved a bug in the DNS editing interface.

Important Updates of Nov 5, 2020

  • oEmbeds are working again for FaceBook posts. This improvement was needed because of a code change made by FaceBook.
  • We have added a page status bar at the top of the page which shows when admins browse these pages.
  • We solved a rare error on admin list pages which the admin had to refresh the page to see the data.
  • Made it easier to edit custom collections html or collection data, by offering two buttons as an overlay on the collection window in edit mode.
  • Improved the file upload field dialog.
  • Improved store currency formatting.
  • Added the accordion collection to the kickstarter collection list.
  • Improved some of the back end icons to the latest versions.

Important Updates of Oct 27, 2020

  • We improved the indication on some required fields that were before not shown as required.
  • Improved the saving of option field data in a user form, where there is a drop down.
  • We fixed a problem where not all of the fields were exporting to a CSV file for a really large form set of fields.

Important Updates of Oct 18, 2020

  • Improved the icon selector.
  • Added an easy custom collection kickstarter.
  • Tweaked the header image size in emails sent from the system.
  • Updated the User Permissions area to allow page admin access for contributors.

Important Updates of Sept 15, 2020

  • We fixed a bug with the Zoom integration.
  • The released several CSS tweaks for the backend.
  • We resolved a conflict with Chrome autofill which was causing a problem with one of our admin pages.
  • We corrected an issue where users were added in media.

Important Updates of Aug 31, 2020

  • We added Flickr to the social icons list.
  • Fixed some bugs caused from removing coffee script on the backend.

Important Updates of Aug 7, 2020

  • We launched a new block: Documents. Now it is even easier to add a document to your website, such as a PDF or PowerPoint file.

Important Updates of Aug 5, 2020

  • Improved the Admin Interface on some screens where the submit button was not visible.
  • On forms we more consistently show the "*" required field indicator for required fields.
  • Fixed a bug with inserting YouTube videos onto a page.
  • Now when your page edits result in an error, we offer a button for you to press to roll back to the previous state (so you can try again, and not have your site stay broken.)
  • Langage translation improvements.
  • Another improvement to the number field min/max values.
  • Improved a possible error with date entry.

Important Updates of July 27, 2020

  • This push was an exciting one, and the newest feature we have been working on is a Zoom meeting integration. With the Covid-19 situation, many churches are using Zoom for classes and small group meetings, and you can now easily advertise your zoom meetings and allow members to join the meeting right from your website. Learn more about setting up the Zoom integration.
  • Zoom meetings can be advertised and displayed on a page: Block > Media > Zoom. Here you can select from a list of your zoom meetings, and the block will display meeting information as well as the ability to join the meeting.
  • We have tweaked the RSS API to allow the sending of the item's featured image within the feed.
  • We tweaked the Form Field "Yes/No" field to improve consistency between the add and edit of these fields.
  • The custom collection "Min/Max" fields needed some improvements to make sure they worked in all situations.
  • We now allow files to be uploaded from public visitors to forms that may need this functionality.
  • The code was improved for the calculation of sales tax, allowing more flexibility for US States that require tax or don't require tax on shipping charges.
  • We added a "discounted subtotal" to the check out page of the store to make the discounts effect more clear.
  • We added a dashboard widget allowing all customers to track their file usage downloads and statistics. This adds a component to track your sites bandwidth usage from file downloads and views.
  • We improved a DST issue for a spot up in the far reaches that had a 30 minute offset of the daylight savings time.
  • The code was tweaked some to improve the deliverability of reset password emails to end users.
  • We now allow website administrators to remove non-primary domain names from their account list.
  • Improved a situation where Gallery thumbnails were showing too large and overlapping.
  • Improved Calendar edits to recurring events. (Save this one occurrence or apply this change to all future occurrences.)
  • We improved a situation where the Web Clip icon was not being shown properly on Android devices.

Important Updates of June 30, 2020

  • We have made an improvement to the "forms marked as spam" area. If you find a form response that was a false positive, and you have the form to send an email of each response, then when you mark the message as not spam, the system will send the email as it would have if the message had not been marked as spam.
  • We improved the YouTube embed feature, so that if YouTube sends an error, it does not break our page, just their widget.
  • We now allow a media item to not have to have a date. This will be useful for some media items that are not date related.
  • We improved Podcast searching.
  • We improved the store checkout in mobile view.
  • We reworked how discounts are calculated in the store. This will improve some edge cases that were not working well.

Important Updates of June 11, 2020

  • If a visitor comes to your site, and they are visiting a url that is no longer active, we will try to do a search to locate that topic and show the search results page, right on the 404 error page.
  • We improved the DNS editor when working with domain names. Some required fields are now created when a zone is made.
  • We updated our SSL Certs to keep you and your site secure.
  • On the admin calendar view, we now allow the previous and next buttons to work as they should.
  • RSS formatting improvements.
  • Some store improvements.
  • Custom Collections now allows access permissions to be set per user.
  • Improved cart discounts.
  • Improved gallery autoplay.

Important Updates of May 13, 2020

  • As a welcome to the month of May, we have pushed an update for our multi-lingual sites. The system words "Search" and "Share" are now translated into your chosen languages on the front end for your visitors.
  • We have improved the on website player for YouTube. When your video finishes playing, the "further viewing" suggestions will now be pulled from your channel, not a random mix of other channels.
  • Improved a situation where the media manager stored media would only play for a few minutes. The play length is now set to 4 hrs.
  • We updated the YouTube List icon to show that it is a video list, and made that icon consistent in the two places you could locate that feature.
  • We improved the store discounts area, making it easier to enter discount start and end dates. (improved modal placement)
  • We improved the terms for blog list options.
  • If there is an error on submission of a form, we more clearly show where that error is located.
  • We improved the new DNS records for G Suite, based on a change that G Suite implemented. This improvement is available for all new zones that are created.

Important Updates of Apr 23, 2020

  • We added YouTube Media lists to the Block > Lists page for you to access the feature that way as well as Block > Media > YouTube > YouTube List.
  • We improved the adding of a new media presenter when uploading a media item. Before you had to add the presenter separately before adding the media item. Now you can add the media item, and add a new presenter right from the presenter window of the add media item page.
  • We improve the display if there is an error when setting up a media item.
  • If there is an error that prevents a modal window from being saved, we now scroll the view to the error so it can be more easily corrected.
  • We improved the podcast feature to also work with Google Podcast readers.
  • In store there were some situations where a discount would not be calculated consistently and would not add up to the total of the cart. This has been made consistent.
  • We improved Calendar: If you have a weekly recurring event, and need to move one item in the list of these events to a new date, that is now easy to do with drag and drop.
  • Improved a situation where yesterdays events could show on the next days label.
  • We improved multi-lingual presentation of the calendar labels.
  • Improved the edit of recurring events. We removed the tendency for new check boxes to be checked in error when editing a recurring event.
  • We improved the location area of calendar events. If you enter a location, you can now see that location on a map, which will be shown on the calendar detail view.

Important Updates of Apr 9, 2020

  • We improved the order of the items in the Add Block window. Here is the new layout (image to the right)
  • Improved our implementation of the YouTube Channel API to prevent limits being reached that were imposed by YouTube.
  • Improved the Live Media player using the SimpleUpdates Live Media Streaming Server
  • Improved the printing of store receipts page (to make it print on one page.)
  • Improved store currency labels.
  • We improved RSS (podcast) rendering in Safari.
  • We added a store policy's area in the store configuration, where text can be entered to clarify store policy.
  • We improved the function of the URL Shortcut feature, and it allows better editing of the shortcut.

Important Updates of Mar 19, 2020

  • Calendar Event popups can now be closed more easily.
  • We improved dropdown lists in modal windows.
  • We added a top hat feature to websites who wish to have a small notice at the top of all pages. This is a short message window that can announce meeting cancellations or important notices. You can set this message in: Settings > Messages.
  • We added an Alert Widget as an Add Block option. Here you can easily add alert blocks to your website content, with header text and body text, and the desired background color.
  • In the store, we added the ability to display costs in dollars.

Important Updates of Feb 25, 2020

  • I am really excited to share about a feature we have been working on for some time. Your forms are now protected by a SPAM checker, and in our tests, it has been very effective in evaluating junk entries, and placing them in the spam folder. Also by common request, you can empty the spam folder with the "Delete All Spam" button at the top right of the spam folder view. Less junk messages is always a good thing. Let us know if you get spam slipping through or false positives. We will continue to tweak the system to be the best it can be.
  • In the Blog list view, TAGs are no longer shown to the public. These are more internal sorting and not especially helpful in a list view anyway.
  • Updated the ACC notice page.
  • Theme saves are now logged in the audit log.
  • Improved event editing and removed some errors some were getting.
  • We added asterisk's to the fields that were required when creating an event.
  • When you delete a parent page: any child pages are now also deleted. These pages are unavailable to public, and are displayed in the trash.
  • Backend package management maintenance.
  • Improved and cleaned up some items in the advanced tab of the Forms page.

Important Updates of Dec 30, 2019

  • The final update for this decade! A special Thank You for your interest in and support of
  • We added some additional social media platforms to our social media widgets area:  Viber, WhatsApp, and Messenger.
  • By popular request, we added an additional way to sort a blog list: by the popularity of views on your blog items.
  • We improved the Blog entry process to speed it up, and make it more reliable when publishing a blog post.
  • We improved the "more details" list of event time when that popup link is clicked.
  • Improved the store module to correctly calculate a checkout with multiple discounts active.
  • Improved the Gallery caption display removing an apostrophe issue.
  • We added a new country to the country drop down list. Welcome to all of you from: Curaçao!

Important Updates of Nov 5, 2019

  • improved the Calendar events list, removed a bug introduced in the Oct 30 code push which made some events not show in the list.
  • Improved the display of user error messages un the user dialog area.

Important Updates of Oct 30, 2019

  • Fixed an issue with the calendar, where a recurring event could show the wrong ending date.
  • Updated the User Avatar image options. You can still upload your own that you create.
  • We now allow media managers to create media contributor users.
  • We now allow contributor access to store orders.
  • Improved the site score on your dashboard to include more things you could do on your site. Keep this score at a 5 or 6 to have a great website.

Important Updates of Oct 11, 2019

  • Gallery: black bar background only if caption is used
  • Updated non-reCAPTCHA email notification text
  • Improved a change caused by a recent Chrome update that was causing dropdowns to cover the main navigation.
  • Improved the Obsidian Theme to display the carousel
  • Improved the API to store the collection checkboxes data

Important Updates of Sept 9, 2019

  • Email's sent from the server (like Form submission notifications to site admins) can have a custom From address. This requires one-off configuration which would be billed hourly, but we are launching code that makes this customization possible on the back end.
  • We have completed the Filestack SU oauth connections
  • Fixed a navigation item in the Organic theme.
  • Improved Next and Previous on the blog list (to have it match the date order of a blog.)
  • Improved the Upload dialog to not show other data sources that were not supported (like moving a file into your website from Google Drive.)

Important Updates of July 23, 2019

  • Improved the Recover Password process, and improved email delivery for this function.
  • Improved forms submission where a from address is requested.
  • Improved forms to not send the content of the form submission IF the form does not have reCaptcha v2 active. We were finding bots submitting spam to forms was causing email providers to reject our notifications to admins about the form submission, and this was then also causing problems with general email deliverability. Click here for help setting up reCaptcha V2.
  • When adding viewer users, we no longer show page access options, as this is not relevant to viewers.

Important Updates of July 9, 2019

  • All server based email is being delivered through a third party email sending system, to improve email deliverability. This was a big change on the back-end, but you will not see any difference other than site based emails are being delivered more consistently.
  • Improved oEmbed pasting of URL's into the editor. (It works for more situations now.)
  • You can now delete a form submission when you are in the submission detail view. This will save you some clicks when cleaning up your form submission list.
  • In the theme editor, we have added Related Components Contextual Links. This is a feature site designers will appreciate.
  • We have added DNS entries to improve email deliverability to those who have GSuite email accounts.
  • Cleaned up our repository handles, changing the default branch to 'master'.
  • Pattern library: add option for turning parallax support on and off in library base layout.
  • We now limit the number of characters you can type into the Title field to be 90 characters, which is all we were storing in the database.
  • Calendar repeat event end date now shows correctly on the month view calendar.
  • You can set a password to protect a page. Once set these passwords were hidden, and since only admins can access this area to edit the password, we made the password visible.

Important Updates of June 18, 2019

  • Theme edit: Gumwood image button outer h margin set to match outer v margin.
  • Theme edit: Banyan social link icons are now centered vertically.
  • Theme edit: Added parallax to the Carmel theme.
  • Improved a layout issue when editing existing media blocks
  • Theme edit: Hamburger on ALPS is no longer hidden in same color header.

Important Updates of May 9, 2019

  • Webalizer was inactive for a few months. With this push we returned it to normal function. If you want advanced stats, we suggest the free Google Analytics option.
  • Deployed the Rubix theme to SimpleUpdates sites.
  • Improved the media page display for mobile devices.
  • Tweaked the MarkDown icon and linked it to a help page.
  • All themes were checked through the "LightHouse" code verification tool, and improved per its suggestions for mobile friendly and usability items.

Important Updates of Apr 24, 2019

  • We worked to improve fuzzy header images / logos that were present in some special situations.
  • Improved the logo display code so that less themes need HTML customizations for edge cases of logo sizes.
  • Theme designers can now upload images for use in themes.
  • MarkDown has been added to Store and Media description fields. There is an MD icon next to the field to show fields that are capable.
  • Improved Carousel options for an upcoming theme.
  • Improved Carousel's ability to have a link on the carousel card.
  • Added notification of low site scores to site admins to encourage them to add content to their site.
  • Removed Google+ from the list of social media options. RIP.

Important Updates of Apr 2, 2019

  • Added markdown capability to store and media items description fields. We added a short description to allow list views to not have markdown.
  • Improved navigation within the mini calendar.
  • In the advanced HTML editor (themes) we improved the file name list to make it easier to locate the different files.
  • Improved the HMTL output when viewing a podcast directly from the website. (Added speaker and date.)
  • Improved the carousel indicator spacing on mobile devices.
  • Added the ability to control the carousel movement direction, needed for an upcoming new theme we are working on.
  • Spruce theme - improved carousel caption area by limiting how far right they could extend. Reworked the "related information" area.
  • Willow theme - added a "related information" area. Removed the leading separator from the navigation.
  • Organic theme - hid the trailing navigation separators if the main navigation wraps to two lines.
  • Improved the order of YouTube list items.

Important Updates of Mar 13, 2019

  • Improved the Gallery Caption print
  • We populate the store address at checkout if the person had placed an order before.
  • Improved the collection builder fields screen
  • Enlarged the area space for editing text area fields
  • Improved the counter for live media streams on the media dashboard
  • In the Ivy theme, we set staff images to line up better on the staff pages

Important Updates of Feb 26, 2019

  • In our credit card processors list, we changed the label "PayPal" to "PayPal Pro", as PayPal Pro is the option we support. Note: We recommend all sites move to Stripe as their credit card processor.
  • Custom Collection fields that are required now have a red asterisk following the field label.
  • If a calendar detail page links to a page forwarder, we use the open-in-new-window toggle from the forwarder page.
  • Improved the application of the focal point setting.
  • Added a new image animation "Fade and Zoom"
  • Added MarkDown to custom collection text area fields. We will be doing more with this feature in the future, so stay tuned.

Important Updates of Feb 12, 2019

  • We fixed an error on form duplication.
  • Improved the form response view to wrap when a long url has been submitted in the form.
  • Corrected the address error in ALPS footer.
  • Improved the backend mini calendar to span more than the current year.
  • Improved the product gallery
  • Description display in calendar list block was improved.

Important Updates of Jan 22, 2019

  • Added the ability to print a form response from the detail window.
  • Improved a retina image display setting on content images
  • Improved the arrangement of form field icons in the form add field list. We are not showing images or file uploads for public forms at this time.
  • Added context sensitive help for ACC sites.
  • Improved the item display on store products.
  • Tweaked the Image library and carousel components.
  • Improved inline branding / site logo when inline with the navigation component.
  • Improved the theme admin page display.
  • Alps theme - improved the header and logo display.
  • Alps theme - improved the footer text alignment.
  • Spruce theme - improved the display of larger images in the header.
  • Willow theme - improved the background on article pages.
  • Willow theme - improved the product listing.
  • Willow theme - improved the social icon display and hover effect.

Important Updates of Dec 12, 2018

  • We redesigned the store order receipt, to offer more information to the public and the store owner.
  • We new hide the shipping address when the order is only a donation (and therefore no product is shipped).
  • Improved the display of store product variation images.
  • In the store we now hide the placeholder image for products with no images.
  • We now prevent the product page display from jittering when mouseover product images of different sizes.
  • We have added an API call for the media collection to allow more custom calls and queries.
  • Improved image display of images on mobile devices. Sometimes the images were being displayed smaller than they needed to be.
  • Created a theme carousel pattern library component
  • Made carousel slide timer easy to customize in all themes.
  • Fixed the Custom Collection short answer placeholder text.
  • And a feature we have been working on for a long time... We added a new field type to custom collections: File Upload

Important Updates of Nov 28, 2018

  • Improved the store receipt template display.
  • Improved the store checkout page to always display in the open template.
  • Improved the store checkout label "shipping info" when the only thing in the cart is a donation item.
  • Improved the one-time login link help text.
  • Refreshed all of the theme placeholder images to show the latest looks of all the themes.
  • Improved the display of some headers and footers on the ALPS theme.
  • Added an easy way for the ALPS theme carousel timing to be edited.
  • Improved how home page carousels are displayed on mobile devices.
  • Firefox tweaks to the Obsidian theme.
  • Form and Store buttons are now consistent with the site accent colors.
  •  Willow theme tweaks.
  • Added the template name under the selected template icon.
  • Improved the main navigation usability on mobile devices.

Important Updates of Nov 1, 2018

  • Improved the donation price field on FireFox browsers to show the donation entry.
  • Converted all the layout classes in all themes to use `layout-` prefix.
  • Expanded the API for more advanced querying.
  • Contributors can now edit their profiles.
  • We updated the placeholder theme images.
  • In the Carousel Editor, we removed the link on the "order" label, which was not needed, and caused an error.

Important Updates of Oct 24, 2018

  • Blog posts in lists are now listed in date order (which is the most logical for blog posts.)
  • Improved email delivery for signup and welcome emails.
  • Improved the deletion of recurring events -- related to deleting a category which the events are linked to.
  • Improved the calendar so that events can straddle the year change better.
  • Improved the store variations option.
  • We enabled comments on products, based on the suggestion of several customers. You will need to enable this on a product by product bases and the comment field will display for that product on checkout.

Important Updates of Oct 10, 2018

  • We improved the search on the media page (media items search). Before the search was looking just for the title, and now it looks for matches in the titles and the media items description.
  • Improved the Spruce theme by tweaking the nav active background color.
  • Improved the ASC site staff page collection.
  • We got webalizer working again (and any site can activate Google Analytics at any time by going to Settings > Integrations.
  • Improved the Calendar where on a multi-day event, the last day was not showing properly if the event did not go through that entire day. Now even a partial day (the last day) would show on the calendar.
  • Improved the ALPS theme to make styling consistent across several different layouts.

Important Updates of Sept 4, 2018

  • We resolved an error where some sites could not access the events list.
  • We removed a error showing on some media pages when the live streaming server is unreachable.
  • We indented the navigation subpages in the dropdown dialog.
  • We fixed the Gumwood theme home buttons to open in a new window if that option was selected in the button settings.
  • In the Gumwood theme, we set the header color to the accent color for ACC sites sub pages.
  • Continued tweaks to the navigation color and contrast settings.

Important Updates of Aug 22, 2018

  • Tweaks to the new main navigation code -- making the default font a little larger and spacing improvements.
  • We improved media blocks in columns. Before the margins were acting up, and now this has been resolved.
  • We improved UL header and bullet point items spacing. Before there were some situations where they would rest on top of each other.
  • Improved the ability to download audio files form the media manager.
  • Dashboard panels are more free floating.
  • We improved the margin of blocks on mobile viewports.
  • Improved the Spruce Theme - allowing editing of titles and even removing them if needed.
  • Fixed a bug when calling for a blog listing.
  • Themes navigations can now accept custom css to control the navigation breakpoints, etc.

Important Updates of Aug 2, 2018

  • The media icon size was improved on mobile view.
  • We tweaked the event add/edit screen to be more consistent.
  • We solved an error where deleted events were sometimes still showing on the calendar.
  • We improved the display of calendar items that span across two months.
  • We made a GUI tweak to the store checkout.
  • We fixed an error where images were not displaying properly for donation items in the store.
  • We now append at the bottom of form emails the site and form that took the message. This will help site owners who have multiple sites be able to track down where the message came from.
  • We improved the theme update process to help assure that custom changes are not overwritten on core theme updates.
  • We fixed crop-edge dropdowns on all themes.
  • Tweaks to the Spruce and Ivy themes.
  • We launched a new navigation backend code which we hope will improve the function and uniformity of the site navigation.

Important Updates of July 19, 2018

  • Some sites use a logo that includes their site name. So we added the option for sites to turn off the text title of their site in the header area.
  • We removed the "edit" label on Custom Collection secondary detail pages, were edit does not really make sense.
  • We set the Settings > System items in alphabetical order.
  • We improved the look of the store order receipt, and added the customer phone number to the print out.
  • Improved the call-to-action button on the new Ivy school theme.
  • Additional improvements to the Ivy theme.
  • We have added FontAwsome icons to themes similar to Custom Collections.
  • Improved the Add Event - Description entry field margin.
  • We are sorting the media page presenter filter by the presenters last name for easier finding who you are looking for.

Important Updates of July 10, 2018

  • We corrected how checkbox options in a custom collection form display.
  • We removed a field validation error on the new URL field type.
  • Users have requested to allow multiple categories for a single calendar event, and now this is possible with a multi-select category box.
  • When adding a blog post, we have improved the "parent" blog select box to default to the blog you were just viewing.
  • If you change a forwards title, we are now also updating the navigation title as well to keep them in sync.
  • Improved the line height of long titles that need to wrap to two lines in the Willow theme.
  • Improved category saving in store products.
  • Updated our FontAwesome icons to the 5.1 version, so that all the "current" icons are now available consistently.

Important Updates of June 27, 2018

  • We improved page lists to consistently show the Navigation title rather than the page title. (You can set them separately if needed.)
  • We made justified content-images to be full-width at phone viewport sizes. This improves mobile device viewing of images on pages.
  • Improved the listing of multiple blog posts.
  • On the media page, we improved how the date is printed next to a media item.
  • Improved the Page Forward dialog box and made some terms more consistent.
  • We added the names of the templates in the template selector. This has been needed for some time, and will make it clearer to differentiate similar template types.

Important Updates of June 21, 2018

  • We increased the space for the entry of the store product description.
  • Theme improvements to Gumwood and Spruce
  • Improved ASC sites with SSL Certificates
  • Fixed a possible error with custom collection setup
  • Improved welcome emails to display the customer domain name in the message.

Important Updates of June 7, 2018

  • Resolved an issue where donation store product images were not saving.
  • Solved an issue with some SSL certificates, and some sites that had login issues.
  • Backend improvements to the account management system.

Important Updates of May 29, 2018

  • We added a tweak to our free trial signup page, including links to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Improved media add assets. The process is now accordion to add additional assets rather than a popover.
  • Added the ability for sites to add a domain as an alias to their site.
  • Improved the calendar, add page for detail views dialog box.
  • Improved the focal point on gallery: grid view.
  • Standardized "Title" for Media, Store, Forms and Galleries.
  • Added a field type: URL. This will force valid URL's in this field.
  • We made the "Embed" block to be smarter. You can now embed html and it will make an HTML block. Or you can embed an O-Embed url, and it will embed the custom object.
  • Improved the dates on the admin media items list.
  • Improved the link dialog, to make submitting the link easier.
  • We did a code review and made sure all code is ready for PHP 7.2 upgrade.
  • Improved calendar syncing. The issue was with calendars that had many items to import.
  • You can now export from a Form response to a custom collection. This will make it simple to have a classifieds ads collection, a public prayer request page, or community calendar. You will get the data from the public via forms, and then you can approve items, and import them into your custom collection.
  • Improved the Forms submissions counts to always equal the items shown in the list.
  • Improved the media stats graph on the media overview page.
  • If a site has been inactive for a period of time, we will send an email to the site admins, with an automatic login link included.
  • Improved the Gumwood theme header for ACC.
  • Tweaks to the automatic send signup emails.
  • Improved the Spruce theme social media links to open in new tabs.
  • Improved custom collection builder, by adding two new fields to the config area: title field, featured image field
  • Improved the public media page display for logged in users.
  • Improved the sorting of tag lists.

Important Updates of May 8, 2018

  • We launched a new custom collection API, which will allow option lists such as categories to be dynamically used for section headings on list outputs.
  • Added the ability to password protect a blog page
  • Improved product variations in the store
  • Improved the Gallery Image display order (horizontal rather than vertical) for the grid view.
  • We improved the situation where a domain that was using SSL is no longer associated with the site, and password recovery was not working in that case.
  • Improved editing a recurring calendar event.
  • Improved the label on the media stats view to clarify that it is not media asset views, but page views that are counted.
  • We upgraded the back end management engine that SimpleUpdates and AdventistChurchConnect support team uses to assist with your site. This was a big step, and has made our support systems ready for the turning off of the legacy CMS at the end of this year.

Important Updates of April 30, 2018

  • Added a help website link for the localization page.
  • Improved the media page statistics
  • Improved COD option in the store
  • Set a form field: number validation for currency
  • Tweaks to the form type name display
  • New users language will default to the language set in site localizations
  • Improved form validation when simple fees are enabled
  • Enabled our CMS as an oEmbed provider
  • Added 6 digits for a Form field: phone validation
  • Improved the Domains settings page z-index for drop down content

Important Updates of April 23, 2018

  • Updated some help links to new help pages on the support site.
  • Improved Organic theme nav item click ability for short links.
  • Improved Organic theme accent color to match the headline color.
  • Improved content so it does not overflow the editable region.
  • Adding a gallery will default to slideshow display.
  • Improved custom collection import for large and complex collections.
  • Redesigned the Add Field dialog box for adding new fields. The new layout is more compact, and we improved always being able to access the dialog.
  • For ACC sites, we grey out the sunset option when there is no address to calculate the sunset times.
  • Calculated the Lat/Long for all ACC sites that have an address on file, so the sunset times will always work properly.
  • Improved the icon for correspondent, to clarify that this user does not login.
  • Improved the add user dialog icon placement.
  • Improved the labels on Edit Calendar events.
  • Improved the syncing code for bringing in large / complex Google Calendar events.

Important Updates of April 16, 2018

  • We worked to improve the speed of page loading for admins working with their site
  • Added tab styles to the Gumwood theme
  • In forms, you can now activate a time setting along with date (optional)
  • Tweaked Advanced Theme editing
  • Added default table padding. Sites can do more in custom.css
  • We have made related info side bar links optional via a theme customizer setting 

Important Updates of April 3, 2018

  • We have a lot of code to share this week. It is exciting to see this many improvements coming through in one code push!
  • We have added a tutorial on this site showing how easy it is to add a Community Calendar - custom collection to your site.
  • We removed the "More Details" on Sunset times in the calendar.
  • Improved the HTML block to not show duplicates.
  • In the Form Field configurator, we now print the field type for each field.
  • We improved the media collection if a media type is linked to with http streaming. The player appropriate for the file extension is used.
  • We are including a podcast option in the list block.
  • Improved the code of the sidebar in the Prairie theme.
  • Added a donation option to store.
  • Added a spinner on import of custom collections, showing that activity is taking place in the background.
  • We have enabled a custom.css editor. Using this for site customizations  will allow you to continue getting theme updates.
  • We have removed the file upload teaser from the field options till it is decided we need it.
  • Improved the vertical spacing around form heading elements.
  • In media assets, we are now showing the uploaded file name for cross reference.
  • In store, if you upload a digital file for sale, we now show the uploaded file name for cross reference.
  • Absolute URL's are converted to relative url's whenever possible on page save.
  • Removed an error on the form date field when the date picker was used to fill in the date.
  • We have improved the column listing in the custom collection items list, with valign=top.
  • Various theme improvements have been added to many themes.
  • We are deploying for the first time the Ivy theme, especially made for schools.
  • ACC sites with sunset times enabled can print the current sunset times via some html code in an html block.

Important Updates of March 26, 2018

  • We have added a tutorial on this site showing how easy it is to add a Church Staff Directory - custom collection to your site
  • In some cases an error popup was showing when you created a calendar event. This error has been resolved.
  • Improved ALPS header view on mobile devices
  • Improved ALPS sunset time display on the calendar
  • Improved the Gumwood theme by placing the logo on white rather than the background image.
  • Improved the Name field in Custom Collections.
  • Church sites that show the sunset times now works correctly on site launch.

Important Updates of March 19, 2018

  • Improved the export of large custom collections.
  • Fixed an error where root relative links were opening a new tab. Now it opens these "/" links in the same window like other relative links.
  • Improved the public store list view.
  • Checked through all themes for standardized html.
  • Added the edit button to Banyan home collections.
  • Added Iris theme slogan display
  • Improved debugging of custom collection html blocks.

Important Updates of March 13, 2018

  • First off, I must say I am excited about the volume of code that we have to offer today. There are quite a few bug fixes, and some new features we have been working on for some time!
  • We have added a tutorial on this site showing how easy it is to add a custom collection to your site.
  • SSL certs are being issued from a new tool offering greater flexibility and efficiency in updating certs into the future. This was a lot of work, and we are excited to launch this to all sites.
  • Import for custom collections. This is a new feature adding to the power of custom collections, allowing users to update a collection or add to it, by importing a CSV file. If you have images already in the database, you can update the text content by doing an export first, which will have an image ID, allowing you to keep the image on the update process.
  • The columns tool now allows 5 columns, up from 4, from a customer request.
  • We fixed a bug in System->Navigation related to custom URLs.
  • Media Collection filters have been improved.
  • Some UI tweaks on the admin side, updating button text and using opacity to improve the layered modals that sometimes are needed.
  • Navigation forwarders that go off-site, now open those links in new windows.
  • improvements to the Organic and Spruce themes.

Important Updates of March 5, 2018

  • Improved the media overview activity graph
  • Theme improvements to Prairie, Gumwood and Spruce
  • Improved themes use of link targets
  • Improved the live streaming connection to the media collection page

Important Updates of February 27, 2018

  • Improved Map block alignment
  • Strip domain names to make anchors to be relative links
  • Improved product list header
  • Fixed a product variations bug
  • Improved the upcoming events display

Important Updates of February 20, 2018

  • We now center captions under centered images.
  • Improved User edit screen.
  • Made the numbered and bulleted list icons easier to distinguish.
  • Improved the ALPS theme to have the same sidebar name so switching themes keeps the sidebar content.

Important Updates of February 12, 2018

  • Media collection display of User Bio's now include the ability for more than one paragraph.
  • Added a social media feed block
  • ACC Site Score widget on the dashboard
  • Store add product image tweak
  • Improved Cart display
  • Updated all themes to allow printing of graphics even though page animations are turned on.
  • Improved the button color and linked it with the accent color in all themes.

Important Updates of February 6, 2018

  • ACC default logos are available to revert to.
  • Improved page edit on a mobile device by hiding the settings pane by default.

Important Updates of January 29, 2018

  • Added more help in the System > Integrations page.
  • Fixed a reCaptcha validation issue.
  • Fixed an error in the setup of the shopping cart.
  • Added a store image placeholder.

Important Updates of January 22, 2018

  • Added a cart status: Downloaded for the downloadable items.
  • Added reCaptcha for the password reset form if the site has integrated reCaptcha.

Important Updates of January 16, 2018

  • We removed the Discount label in the cart, unless it is used in the config.
  • Improved image caption editing for galleries.
  • Improved the calendar background color.
  • Improved the opening of forwarder pages. If the link goes off-site, then the link opens in a new window.
  • Added an option in the store to not require shipping info for download only items.
  • We added images to event, and allow multiple calendars on the site.
  • Improved the anchor links when logged in.

Important Updates of January 9, 2018

  • With this update we automatically import the META data within an image as the description in the image in our CMS!
  • Improved the setup of Custom Collections.

Important Updates of December 5 & 17, 2017

  • We removed the email address requirement for correspondent user type.
  • We made form emails have a unique subject to help sites not confuse different messages from various users.

Important Updates of November 28, 2017

  • We improved the nav bar to make sure navs do not conflict with screen redraw.
  • Added captions to the galleries.

Important Updates of November 14, 2017

  • We improved the default placement of the focal point (center, center) rather than at the top of an uploaded image.
  • We introduced editing of recurring events.
  • Improved the calendar date / time picker.
  • Improved the calendar list block.

Important Updates of November 7, 2017

  • We improved the focal point on the Organic theme images.
  • We made the HTML block editor window larger, allowing you to edit this content easier.
  • We improved a list of items to make the various themes and checkout pages look better.
  • Tweaked the product catalog list to make the images look better (not squished if a different aspect ratio.)
  • Removed the "Share" button from the checkout pages.

Important Updates of October 30, 2017

  • We have launched Anchor Links! This means any Headline style can now easily be the target of a link. If you are logged in, and you mouseover a heading, you will see an anchor link icon appear. Clicking that will give you the anchor URL that you can link to.
  • We fixed the issue where sometimes images would disappear in edit mode. (This was due to the slide CSS being applied to images in the editor, which was not helpful for having them show up properly.)
  • Improved the indention for Admin Menu tertiary items.
  • Improved the ability to set the home page title blank, but still have the navigation show the home page.

Important Updates of October 24, 2017

  • Form responses can now be marked as unread. This is helpful if more than one admin are working together to handle form responses.
  • You can now upload a file as the target of a link on an image. An example of this is where you have an image, and you want to link that image to a PDF file. Now, you can easily do that in one step!
  • Some back end improvements with GET parameters.

Important Updates of October 17, 2017

  • When a person signs up for a SimpleUpdates trial website, we are now sending helpful information to keep them in the loop about how to signup and get help.
  • We have improved the system email template.

Important Updates of October 11, 2017

  • iTunes to Podcast integration has been improved.
  • The shopping cart check-out process has been streamlined and improved.
  • The digital download button has been improved in the check out process.

Important Updates of October 3, 2017

  • We optimized the page content area in the database.

Important Updates of September 18, 2017

  • Custom collections: We alert on duplicate fields.

Important Updates of September 4, 2017

  • Improved pagination links on the media list view.
  • Added analysis to forms: Cost fields
  • Added a forms detail view for multi-option responses.
  • Improved filter links on form response list view.
  • We now show the form analysis maps on print view.
  • Support for multiple paragraphs in event description.
  • Added feature images to forwarder pages.

Important Updates of August 28, 2017

  • Form Responses: we now show the unread items in bold.
  • Fixed an error when creating a new blog.

Important Updates of August 22, 2017

  • Improved ALPS theme logo processing.
  • Refreshes a page that you have visited and has become stale. If edits have happened beneath you, and you start an edit session, you will now get the most updated data in your edit window.

Important Updates of August 15, 2017

  • Non editor users can now receive form notifications
  • Improved the backend date picker by making the arrows visible.
  • Improved ALPS Theme name area in tablet view.
  • Improved printing on all Themes.

Important Updates of August 8, 2017

  • Improved Obsidian Theme carousel images.
  • Added a store product list block.
  • Improved podcast category label.
  • Set the style guide as optional for all themes.

Important Updates of July 31, 2017

  • We restricted blog posting to active blogs and made the blog selection more obvious when adding a new post.
  • Improved an error where: non-floated blocks can prevent access to floated blocks
  • Implemented Registered and TradeMarks in site titles to be superscript and sized properly
  • Improved the Admin Event list ordering of events.
  • Improved Spruce theme left header alignment issue.

Important Updates of July 24, 2017

  • The HTML block can now hold unlimited length of content.
  • Sites that use TM or R in their site title, will automatically have these styled nicely in the output on all the themes.
  • Improved how themes displayed logos.
  • Theme improvements to ALPS and Spruce.

Important Updates of July 19, 2017

  • Improved bulleted lists in ALPS theme.
  • Themes now work with any chosen accent color.
  • Tweaks to the Organic theme, to allow it to display properly if no header is desired.
  • Tweaks to the Iris theme, in the header and links area.
  • Tweaks to the Banyan theme, navigation wrapping if there are a lot of nav items.
  • Remove underline from ALPS share menu links.
  • Make all theme button styles work whether a tag is inside or outside.
  • Improved the help links from each site to the help site.

Important Updates of July 12, 2017

  • Improved custom collection list, now showing pictures as thumbnails.
  • Added the ability to edit custom collection field identifiers.
  • Fixed a bug on reordering navigation items.
  • Tweak to store order notifications to the store owner.
  • Added Yelp! to the social media links.
  • Improved an error dialog in store checkout.
  • Proved HR styling via global.less.
  • Improved calendar "today" button functionality.

Important Updates of July 6, 2017

  • We fixed some modals to not show an error on load before you had a chance to work on the fields.
  • In media list view, the presenter column is now sortable.
  • Fixed some theme bugs.

Important Updates of July 4, 2017

  • Improvements to the Banyan theme
  • Improvements to the Gumwood theme
  • Improved editing store categories
  • Allowed YouTube embeds to play full screen when the admin is logged in to the site
  • Improved email notifications for forms and store orders
  • Set some more help text links to make it easier to get to help pages from any SU website. (The Lifesaver ring at the top right of the admin bar.)
  • Improved prune and graft - we now show hidden parents on the back end
  • Improved the ability to make buttons (as a style) in the editor

Important Updates of June 27, 2017

  • Limited the amount of text that can appear in a collection field preview
  • Improved ability to access the help icon in the admin bar
  • On page list, use the nav tittle if there is no screen title
  • We added notifications for Store sales
  • Improved image buttons in Obsidian theme. (And this improvement will go to all themes soon.)
  • Improved editing (visibility) in the permalink field

Important Updates of May 23, 2017

  • Improved the new focal point icon
  • Improved Store shipping method setup
  • Prairie theme improvements

Important Updates of May 15, 2017

  • Fixed an issue with Media uploads
  • Added context sensitive help links
  • Fixed some calendar errors
  • Added default thumbnail size settings

Important Updates of May 9, 2017

  • Live streaming placeholder graphic is now customizable.
  • Master theme tweaks
  • Custom Collection export tool
  • Store checkout improvements
  • List block GUI edits

Important Updates of May 2, 2017

  • Improved site collections
  • Store now accepts coupons
  • Store products are now downloadable able
  • Improvements to the Organic theme footer
  • Improved how protected pages work in Navigation
  • ReCaptcha integration

Important Updates of April 24, 2017

  • Improved site search
  • Stripe is now available for the store. Setup in Integrations.
  • Willow & Prairie theme improvements
  • Improved media and store product descriptions with nl2br.
  • Improved system > navigation tool.
  • Added an activation date for podcasts.
  • Improved the store backend editing.

Important Updates of April 18, 2017

  • Collections are now easier to edit. The collection edit link is visible when editing the content page that contains a collection.
  • Improved the site trial features that are available.
  • Dashboard tweaks.
  • Dashboard "Site Score" has been added, prompting users to complete their site setup.
  • Store now allows the purchase of electronic download items for sale.
  • Forms can have one cost item, and the cost collected at form submit. The forms cost is integrated with Stripe as our new preferred payment processor. (We will be migrating other cost areas to stripe in the future.)

Important Updates of April 11, 2017

  • We launched a new standard theme called "Prairie".
  • The media collection tool shows the correct number of live streaming viewers that are watching your SimpleUpdates live stream.
  • General theme improvements.
  • Domain redirection has been enabled. This allows you to point a secondary domain to a specific part of your primary domain name website.
  • Improvements to the column block, where we have added some default spacing between the columns. (This is editable further in the CSS.)
  • Several image can now be added to an existing gallery via the upload dialog.
  • Improvements to Settings -> Navigation.

Important Updates of April 4, 2017

  • Dropdown support has been added to all standard themes! This allows child pages in the navigation items to display as a drop down.
  • Various theme improvements.
  • Calendars showing squares from a previous month, now includes the data from the previous month in those squares.
  • Improved adding slideshows to pages.
  • Protected content is no longer leaked on search results for that page.
  • Store items can be marked non-taxable per item.

Important Updates of March 28, 2017

  • Mobile nav improved on the Organic theme. Preparation is underway for drop down nav support across themes.
  • Added a store page type.
  • Improved store product image uploading.
  • Numerous theme layout improvement tweaks.
  • Media collection improvement. Assets that were randomly becoming disconnected from their items is resolved.

Important Updates of March 21, 2017

  • ALPS, Willow, Banyan and Gumwood theme improvements
  • Upgrade to Twig 2.1. This is a major update, and hopefully you won't know a difference, other than the updated functionality.
  • Store improvements. Inactive items no longer disappear from the list.
  • We will hide form titles. Now you can type the form title into the page if wanted.
  • Improved editing of items below blocks inserted tight to the bottom of the editor.
  • Content image effects (slide and fade) improved.

Important Updates of March 14, 2017

  • Improvements to Gallery slideshows
  • Automatic retrieval of YouTube thumbnail if the media item is being pulled from YouTube.
  • Improved calendar item recurrence. Now you can set an event every x weeks.
  • You now can delete one instance of a recurrent calendar event.
  • New theme called Willow released.
  • Theme improvements

Important Updates of March 7, 2017

  • SSL for all domains for websites using our new CMS: SU2017. It is time to signup or upgrade!
  • Content images will fade into view on page load. (Image effect controlled in Theme Customizer.)
  • Site timezone is now set from address.
  • The theme "Iris" has been launched on SU2017.
  • Alignment improvements to the page edit advanced tab.
  • General theme improvements.