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Here, we will share frequent questions and answers. You may also find these Frequently Asked Questions useful if this is your first time using SimpleUpdates.


Q: How to check that links work on your website?
A: We have not built an internal tool for this, but there are browser and website tools that will assist with this need.


Q: When do links open a new window?

A: Rather than requiring a setting we handle links to new windows automatically: If a link points within the same site, it generally opens the url in the same window. When the link points off site, it usually opens the link in a popup window. This allows the visitor to keep your site open below the new window. If you link directly to a PDF file or an image, the system will automatically open the image in a popup window.


Q: What is the difference between Contributor and Correspondent?
Contributors can login to the website and author new content per their given permissions. Correspondents are shadow users who have no ability to login, but to which you still want to give credit.


Q: How do I upload a PDF or non-media file and allow the public to access it?
In edit mode, select some text, and you will see the Create Link dialog field. At the far left there is an icon for uploading a file. Use this area to link the text to the file you want to upload.


Q: I want to make a iTunes Podcast. Can I use a hosting service such as YouTube?
No, because YouTube only offers a URL page to access the media. For iTunes podcasts, you need an "http" link directly to the media file. There are many media services which do not give the direct media item URL: SoundCloud is another example. You can upload your media to our media management collection, and it will work properly with iTunes podcasts.


Q: How do I setup RSS?
RSS - Really Simple Syndication (also Rich Site Summary) - can be used two ways. 

  • An RSS Feed allows information from a page on your website to be sharable on other websites.
  • An RSS Digest allows you to share information from someone else's RSS Feed on your website.

Instructions for setting up both are on the RSS Setup page.


Q: My Theme uses some Icons, and I see FA-Icon in the field names. Where can I see all the options for these icons?
These are Font Awesome Icons, and you can check out the complete list here.


Q: How can I customize my site CSS?
 In Themes, you can edit the CSS of your site without orphaning your theme from future system updates. Click the link "Edit Custom CSS" and enter your custom css code in this window. It will apply to your entire site. For example, to make bolding darker:

.su_bootstrap_safe {
    b, strong {
        font-weight: 900;

To make all table borders invisible:

.su_bootstrap_safe table, table {
    border: 0 solid transparent;


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