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A Gallery Block cannot be added to your page until the Gallery Collection has at least one Gallery created. See Galleries for instructions.

To add a Gallery to your page, place your cursor where you want the Gallery to display and click the plus sign in the small black square to the left of your cursor position.

Click the Gallery icon on the popup.

You will be offered two options. 

  1. To use an existing Gallery
  2. To add a new Gallery

Note: if this is your very first Gallery, you will probably want to start with adding a Gallery from the Admin bar.

Inserting an existing Gallery

  • Click the 'Use Existing' icon
  • The name of a Gallery will be displayed in the 'Existing Gallery' field. To change it, click on the title. A list of existing galleries will be displayed. Click on the title of the one you want to use.
  • Choose the Type (display style) of Gallery you want to use.


Grid Type

The Grid type of Gallery will display your images in a grid.

It will crop the images so they are all the same size. 

The display will be in the number of columns you've chosen in the 'Max Columns' field. The default is three columns. The more columns you choose, the smaller the images will be.

When one hovers over an individual image, a white space will cover the bottom part of the image. If you have added captions, the captions will display in the white area. (You may add, edit or delete captions at any time by editing the Gallery in Galleries.)

Clicking on one of the images will display that image at a larger size. It will also allow the viewer to use arrows to the right and left to move through the images.



Mosaic Type

The Mosaic style of Gallery will display your images using their original aspect ratio. It will lay them out a little like a puzzle.

The Captions will display under the images.

Clicking on one of the images will have the same result as clicking on an image in the Grid type. Tt will display at a larger size and allow the viewer to click back and forth through the list.

Slideshow Type

The Slideshow display of a Gallery will display one image at a time.

The Caption - if you have used one - will display over the lower part of the image.

By default, small round indicator buttons will display under the Caption. They allow the viewer to click to a specific image.

Arrows to the right and left of the image allow the viewer to click forward and backward at will.



The Slideshow type has three additional options.

You may choose to use a thumbnail list instead of indicator buttons. Just click the 'OFF' button to turn them 'ON' Note that the thumbnails - like the indicator buttons - can be clicked to view a specific image.

Use the same method - 'OFF' to 'ON' - to make the slideshow autoplay - automatically start playing. Note: autoplay will pause if the mouse is hovered over the image.

And you can choose the interval at which they play. The default is five seconds. You may speed it up by choosing a smaller number or slow it down by choosing a larger number.

Should the viewer want to move the slides faster than the speed you have set, they can use the arrows to move to the next slide even if the automatic scrolling is not ready to move.


As you can see from the examples, the same Gallery can be displayed all different ways. Editing the Gallery will affect every display of that Gallery.


Adding a New Gallery

You may choose to add a new Gallery on the fly. The interface to add a new Gallery in page edit mode allows you to both upload the images and select your Gallery type all without having to move from Page editing to the Admin Gallery option.

Once added however, you will have to use the black Admin bar to Edit the Gallery.


Editing a Gallery Display

Should you wish to change the display of a gallery, edit the page, click directly on the gallery and click the edit pencil icon. You will be able to change the type of Gallery and all the options that go with that type.

Just as with individual images, you can justify a Gallery so that text will wrap around it. You may also use the two small arrows to adjust the size of the Gallery display

And, you may use the trash can icon to delete the Gallery.