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Needing website visitors to NOTICE a comment, announcement or warning? Use the Notice Block.

Adding a Notice

  1. Click the plus sign to the left of your cursor
  2. Click the Notice Icon
  3. Give your message a Title
  4. Type your Message
  5. Choose a color. Color options chosen suggest basic announcements, cautions and warnings. However, you may use the color options as you wish.
  6. Submit.





You may choose to left, center or right justify the notice. This is very similar to images. 

  • Left means the Notice moves to the left and other content wraps to the right of the Notice.
  • Right is the opposite. The Notice moves to the right and other content wraps to the left of the Notice.
  • Center will display the Notice across the available space with no wrapping of other content.


Other Info

  • The title will display using the h4 heading option. 
  • If you are familiar with HTML you may use it in the message to customize the look of the message.


Edit the Notice

To edit the notice, click directly on the notice and click the pencil icon. Edit as needed and Submit