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Getting Started, Helpful Tips, and FAQs

Maps are fun! Maps are like pictures - worth a thousand words of directions.

Maps are easy to add to your webpage.

Add a Map

  • Place your cursor where you'd like a Map to display
  • Click the plus sign in the small black square to the left of your cursor
  • Click the Map icon
  • Add an Address in the Location field
  • Submit and Publish

It is possible to use a Name instead of an address. Keep in mind that Google will interpret the Name you use. The Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls may get the map you're wanting, but be careful using Names. There used to be a Restaurant near me called the Happy House. That name might mean something entirely different if used for your map!

Once you enter the Location you will be offered a zooming scale. Move the scale to the left for a far out view. Move it to the right to zoom in close.

There is also a preview so you can see what you will get.

This is where SimpleUpdates is located: Berrien Springs, Michigan. Just a couple miles from Andrews University and about 20 miles north of Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana (as the crow flies). While Detroit is the bigger city in Michigan, Chicago, Illinois is actually closer to SimpleUpdates.


This is an interactive Google map that website visitors can modify the view as they wish and request directions, etc.

Edit the map

Click directly on the map and use the icons on the small black rectangle to make adjustments to your map.

You may left or right justify your map, allowing text to wrap to the side of it like an image.