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Want Columns? Make them!

Columns can be placed anywhere within your page content.

  1. Place your cursor where you want the columns to display and click the plus sign in the small black square to the left of your cursor
  2. Click the Columns icon
  3. Use the tiny up / down arrows or change the number with your keyboard to indicate how many columns you want to create
  4. Click the checkmark to confirm


There will now be a row of blue outlined boxes of equal width stretching across the editable area of your page. You may use theses spaces the same way you use any other editable space.


How Columns display

Columns are always equal width. You cannot create columns where one column is narrower than the other.

When viewed on a mobile device, columns will stack. The first column will take the top spot, the next column will display underneath the first. Each additional column will display under the one to its left when the display screen is too small for them to display in a row.

This stacking characteristic is important to remember when adding content to the columns. For example, you wouldn't want to create column content that reads horizontally across the page because on a smaller screen, that information will be vertical. Suggest testing the display on various sized screens before spending a lot of time with the content.

Remember, you can add several sets of columns to create a display that works on all screen sizes. 


Note: when creating a list that requires several components, like a staff listing or a directory, where there are multiple entries that should all be formatted the same way . . . a custom collection is recommended. It takes a little more to get it set up, but it will be much easier to manage. Call us for more information. 269.473.3687