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The Media Block allows you to insert media four different ways.

  1. You may add a file that you've already uploaded to your media collection
  2. You may insert a link to a YouTube video
  3. You may connect a YouTube list from a specific channel
  4. You may create a link to a Zoom meeting


Adding Zoom Meeting information

Note: you will need to have Zoom integrated with your website before the following instructions will be usable. Instructions for setting up Integration.

Zoom meeting information includes:

  • Meeting title
  • Meeting ID
  • Date and Time of the meeting
  • The Duration of the meeting
  • The meeting host
  • A button with which to join the meeting.


Login to your Zoom account and create your meeting. Suggest copying the Meeting ID from the Zoom information.

To add this information to your webpage, edit the page.

  1. Place your cursor where you want the Zoom meeting information to display and click the plus sign in the small black square to the left of the editing area
  2. From the popup list, select Media
  3. Choose the 'Zoom Meeting' option
  4. Enter (paste) the Meeting ID in the field provided
  5. Submit
  6. Publish the page


Deleting old meeting information

  • When the meeting is completed, edit the page again, and click the meeting information.
  • A small black rectangle will popup. Click the trashcan icon to delete the meeting information.
  • Publish the page