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Adding images to your page is a simple process, but there is more to it than just inserting an image on the page.


Add an image

Note: it is recommended that you add your text before adding images.

Note: You must use this process to add a picture to your site. Pasting in an image that you have copied may appear to be added, but it will not function correctly.

​​Place your cursor at the beginning of the paragraph where you want the image to display.

Click the plus sign that displays to the left of your cursor and choose the image option from the popup display. 

You will see a list of files from your computer. Navigate through this list until you find the file you wish to add to your page. You can double click the file name or click it once to select it, then click the 'open' button. The image will load. Give it a few seconds to adapt to the size of your screen.


Note: Images will add margins for themselves. This makes it easier to add text later.


    Format the Image

    Once your image is loaded you have several options. Click on the image and a black admin bar will pop up. This bar contains:

    1. An edit link
    2. Justification links
    3. An image size link
    4. The option to delete the image


    1. Using the Edit link

    Click the edit link to:

    • Add a caption - This caption is used by website reading machines frequently used by those with eyesight issues. Make a habit of always using this caption to provide a short description of the image so those who use website readers can "see" the image. Note: using this option will improve your website's ranking with search engines.
    • Make the caption visible - Choose whether you want the Caption to show for everyone or not. By default the 'Show Caption' option is set to 'OFF.' Click the blank space to the left of 'OFF' to turn 'Show Caption' 'ON'.
      Note: 'OFF' will still make the caption available to mechanical website readers.
    • Link the image to a page - If you would like to link the image to another page or website, add a link to the Link field the same way you would add a link to text. Click inside the 'Link' field and start to type the title of the page to which you wish to link the image. Or, if you wish to link to another website, go to that site, copy the URL and paste the URL in the 'Link' field
    • Link the image to a document - If you would like to link the image to a document, use the cloud with the up arrow to the right of the link field to upload the file to which you want to link.


    2. Using the Justification Links

    The popup image format bar contains three justification icons. Left, Center and Right

    By default the image will enjoy its own space - the full width of the space into which you are inserting the image. You may choose to change this by using the Justification links.

    If you Justify the image left, text and images that follow the justified image will wrap to the right.

    If you justify the image right, the text and images that follow will wrap to the left.

    You may also center the image.

    The size of the image will adjust to the Justification you choose.

    If you change your mind, just click the justification link again to undo it.

    Hint: sometimes the image uses more space than the text associated with it. All text and images under the right or left justified image will wrap. To prevent this, create a column that is only one column wide and put your text and image inside the column. See Creating Columns for more details.


    3. Image Display Sizing

    The two small side to side arrows will allow you some sizing options.

    • Full will use the actual size of the image as the system guide for display. An image larger than the available space will be reduced to a size that will fit in the space, a small image should display at it's actual size.
    • Large will display at approximately 2/3 of the available space
    • Medium will display at approximately 1/2 of available space and
    • Small will display at about 1/3 of available space.

    Image size used in conjunction with Justification may produce unexpected results.

    Original image size will affect the way it displays on a page.

    Try clicking through the sizes to decide the best view of any specific image.


    4. Deleting an Image

    Simply click the image to open the admin bar and click the trash can!