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An HTML block is usually used with external functions. For example:

  • An offsite donation processor
  • A widget
  • An iFrame (not recommended)

Many times the offsite source provides the HTML code all you have to do is copy and paste it although you may write it yourself.


Inserting an HTML Block

  • Place your cursor where you want the HTML to appear
  • Click the plus sign in the small black square to the left of your cursor
  • Click the HTML icon
  • Place your cursor inside the box provided
  • Paste or type the code you wish to add.
  • Submit and Publish


Editing an HTML Block

Click directly on the HTML block and use the Editing icons to open the HTML window and make changes.

You may also use the justification icons on the small black rectangle to move the block left or right allowing other text / images to wrap around it. Or delete it if you wish.


Example HTML Block

Hello World!