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You will need at least one blog before you can create a Blog Post List. See instructions for creating a Blog if you haven't already created one.

All Blog Post items in the list are linked to the full post.

All are listed in reverse Chronological order based on the most recent date the post was published. This could be the original post date or it could be the date the post was edited.

A Blog Post List is a different process and a different display compared to a Blog Page. A blog Post List is a way to filter your posts and create abbreviated lists. The list can be placed on any page of your website.

A Blog Page is a complete listing of all Posts to that particular Blog. It can be included in the Navigation - or not - as you choose. A Blog Page can be a child almost anywhere in your navigation, but it can not be a parent page. 


Creating a Blog Post List

  • In Edit mode, click the plus sign in the small black square to the left of your cursor.
  • Choose Lists
  • Choose the Blog icon


Choose a Blog

Usually, this will be easy. One Blog = One option.

However, because you may have multiple Blogs, you may have to choose for which of the Blogs you are creating a list.


Choose a Blog Type

There are three options:

  1. The Newest Posts are exactly as described. The most recently added posts
  2. The Most Popular posts - the posts that have been most often accessed
  3. Posts Tagged. You may use the Tags option on the Basic tab when editing a Post. When choosing this option there will be an additional Tag field where you will choose the Tag you wish to use for this list.


How many?

How many posts would you like to include in the list? Indicate that number in the field provided.

If there are not as many posts that fit your criteria as you choose, all that there are will display. The How Many field is for the maximum number of Posts you are wanting to display.


Choose a Format

There are three formats:

  1. Digest - includes the thumbnail, the title and the description
  2. Compact - includes the thumbnail and title
  3. Title - lists the Posts by title

Format Examples








Submit and Publish


Note: You may edit or delete the list at anytime by editing the page and clicking directly on the list. A small black rectangle with various options will pop up either above or below the list. Click on the icon you wish to use.