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Before you can create a Calendar List, you must have a Calendar Page. There is one that comes standard with every new SimpleUpdates website, but if it has been deleted for some reason, you will have to create a new one.

The advantage of a Calendar List is that you can add Event information to any page without a large calendar display.

Create a Calendar List

  • In Edit mode, click the plus sign in the small black square to the left of your cursor.
  • Choose Lists
  • Choose the Calendar icon


Choose a Type


The List option will create a list of events with the next event on the top of the list. It will include the Name of the event, the Date, Time and the Description if it is included.

As the date passes, the event will drop off the list and the next event in the future will display at the top.

Click the Event Name to go to more details about that event.

Example of Calendar List - List Type
March 14, 2024
March 17, 2024


The mini-calendar displays a little calendar of the current month. Days with Events will be a darker gray color.

Clicking on the mini-calendar will open the full page calendar.

Example Calendar List - Mini-calendar Type



Choose the Target Calendar Page

This is where the required - at least one - Calendar Page will be listed. You may have more than one which is why this is a choice, but you must have at least one for the Calendar List to function.


Note: the following options will only apply if you have chosen the List Type.

Choose a Category

Every Event on your calendar requires a category. If you have only a few events a single category for all events can be used.

You can add Categories using your own names in the Admin view of Events. This gives you the opportunity to organize your events according to your specific needs.

Choosing "All Events" will include all events in your calendar list.

Choosing one of your categories will filter the list so only events with the chosen category will display.

Remember you can use the Calendar List as many times as you want. Suggest adding a Calendar List of a category that matches the content on any given page.


Number of Events to Display

You may display only a few events or many events. The number you choose is a maximum number of events that will display in the list you are creating.


Submit and Publish


Note: you may edit or delete your list by editing the page, clicking directly on the list and using the appropriate options that will display in a small black rectangle either above or below your list.