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There are four kinds of page lists.

  1. Newest Pages
  2. Sibling Pages of
  3. Child Pages of
  4. Pages Tagged


Create a Page List

  • In Edit mode, click the plus sign in the small black square to the left of your cursor.
  • Choose Lists
  • Choose the Page icon


Choose List type

Newest Pages

will create a list of the most recently added/edited pages on your website. Choose how many pages you want in your list. The default is five.

Sibling Pages of

will list all the Sibling Pages for the page you choose. Note: you cannot create a Sibling Pages of "Home." Note: The Page chosen to list the 'Sibling Pages of' will not itself be listed.

Child Pages of

choose a parent page and all children of that parent page will list

Pages Tagged

lets you design your page list. On each page you want in your list, edit the page and in the Tags field, enter a term (tag). Repeat using the same term (tag) for each page to be included in the list.

When you choose the Pages Tagged page list option you will select the tag you added to the pages you wish to include. Select how many of these pages should be displayed on the list.

Note: to remove a page from the list, click the title (remember these are automatically linked) edit the page and remove the tag being used for this list. Publish. Because it no longer has the specified tag, it will no longer be displayed in the list.

Note: you may create multiple lists like this. Use a unique tag for each list.

Note: multiple tags can be included on the same page.


Choose a Format

Digest will display

  • The thumbnail - generated by the Featured Image on the page
  • The description - generated by the Description field (just above the Featured Image)
  • The Page Title

Compact will display

  • The thumbnail - generated by the Featured Image on the page
  • The Page Title

Title will display

  • The Page Title



Newest Page list - Title Format


Sibling Page list - of Adding a New Page - Compact Format


Child Page list - of Pages - Digest Format

Understanding Pages

Understanding the terminology and organization of Pages makes it much easier to create a user friendly website.

Adding a New Page

As your site grows, as you increase the amount of information available to your site visitors, you will Add New Pages.



Submit and Publish


You may edit or delete a list at any time by editing the page, clicking directly on the list and using the appropriate icon from the small rectangular box that will popup either above or below the list.